Coca-Cola Signature Mixers experience at “Selva Urbana”

Shabby and Chic under the direction of Dnoise Agency, revolutionized, once more, other of its most unique spaces on the occasion of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers presentation, adapting and remodelling the place “Selva Urbana” to create a memorable experience.

Air Optix in Selva Urbana

Shabby & Chic goal is to make every single experience in our venues unique and with a high added value for our clients. Here below, one of our latest success stories, where we worked for the communication agency John Doe. They designed for Alcon HydraGlyde, a serie of events “RoadShow” around Spain to introduce the single use contact lenses range of products Air Optix.

Repsol experience in Casa Palacio Barbero

The Shabby and Chic team bet on excellence and works every day to get the space that best suits the needs of each client. We study each particular case and we focus our power to offer the best option. In this occasion, the SCP agency relies in our professionality and our experience in the sector to collaborate in the Repsol final gala dinner, where attend 60 persons.

Ambar experience in Selva Urbana

The Shabby and Chic team adapt to the needs of every single client, studying and analyzing each situation to offer the space that best suits what is needed. In this case, our team worked hand in hand with AMBAR, the Aragonese beer brand, which introduced its exquisite beer varieties in Seville for about 120 people.

Sitel experience in Río space

Shabby and Chic is characterized for searching the perfect space in each type of events. Spaces with personality, different and exclusive locations for the needs of the client. Singular places for dinners, corporate events, meetings, incentives, conventions, audiovisual productions… In this new Shabby and Chic´s experience, our professionals team organized a meeting for Sitel company in Seville. It attended all its employees who managed the Orange´s commercial line, the telecommunications company. With more than 1000 attendees, the chosen space for its celebration was Rio, which can hold this number of people.

CACOF Experience at Location 92

Shabby and Chic team designed the CACOF Experience, the First Andalusian Dermopharmacy Day, in Seville. Firstly, to organize this event, we chose a space according to the client needs, the Andalusian Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists. Location 92 was the selected place because of its sharp, trendy and minimalist style.

Audi A8 experience in the Rio space

The Shabby and Chic team, on this occasion, was in charge of finding the best possible venue for the official presentation event of the new Audi A8 to the specialized press in motor on the national level. The selected location for this back to back of the German high range brand was the industrial and singular space Rio, located on the riverside of the Guadalquivir.

Experience in Caravan Space – GH

The Shabby and Chic team organized the presentation of Gema Herrería´s GH dermopharmacy brand in the Caravan Space, an industrial, contemporary and modern location on the banks of the Guadalquivir river.

Experiencia en Soho Gallery – De mano en mano bag

Shabby and Chic organized the presentation of the “De mano en mano Bag” collection at Soho Gallery, a modern location right in the center of Seville.

Experience in Palacete Sintra, a unique space in Seville – TUI Awards

The Shabby and Chic team designed the organization of the “TUI Awards”, an event for the biggest tour operator in the world, where the best tourist agencies were awarded internationally, an event held in the singular Palacete Sintra of Sevilla.

Experience at Caravan Space Sevilla – Ron Ritual Reformer party

On this occasion, the team of Shabby and Chic, investigated locations with a pronounced radical and unusual character in Seville capital for our client Naturact.