Air Optix in Selva Urbana


Shabby & Chic goal is to make every single experience in our venues unique and with a high added value for our clients. Here below, one of our latest success stories, where we worked for the communication agency John Doe. They designed for Alcon HydraGlyde, a serie of events “RoadShow” around Spain to introduce the single use contact lenses range of products Air Optix.

The choice of the venue was not made by chance, because the chosen one is located in  Seville city centre. The venue distinct atmosphere and its location allows to develop unforgettable experiences throughout State of the Art events. An industrial building in the purest urban style with a selvatic decoration that leaves no one indifferent.

The agency creative concept wanted to capture the style of the “SitCom series” where several and different characters are recognizable.

There were several main actors representing the different products of the brand. Dividing the venue areas into several and versatile spaces we managed to provide multiple themed alternatives.

In the first zone, we arranged the reception of the guests whilst upstairs took place the official product presentation as well as the meeting. Following to the products introduction, it was the time for catering service along with entertainment actions within few thematic zones such as interactive photocall or an area where virtual reality was the protagonist.

The impact achieved due to the event was really high towards the brand, and the guests were impressed with the originality and the use of technology at all times, having fun with the “filming” of the original series by Alcon HydraGlyde.

Presentación Alcon Hidraglyde
Espacio Selva Urbana