Experiencia en Soho Gallery – De mano en mano bag


Shabby and Chic organized the presentation of the “De mano en mano Bag” collection at Soho Gallery, a modern location right in the center of Seville.

The Loewe Foundation, the Center for Design and Fashion of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, participated in the project, together with Movex, the Andalusian Skin Technology Center, to publicize the final proyect of the students of the third edition of Piel Design .

Movex, designed an event to publicize the collection made by the international students together with the  artisans of Ubrique; where design, luxury and tradition are unified.

The space chosen for the development of this event was Soho Gallery, it is a space that breathes art and design, within an industrial atmosphere and with a marked exhibition character. The S&C team was in charge of designing and producing the set design, thus becoming a perfect venue for this occasion. Where next to the art exhibition and its contemporary and international style, the collection of handbags merged with the space.

The opening of the event was in charge of Mr. Enrique Loewe Lynch, who presented the new collection. Afterwards, the attendees could enjoy a cocktail livened up with live DJ music and all the guests were part of the Shooting of photography in which they could meet and try the new collection.
An event where fashion, art and design merged in a creative and original way, in which Shabby and Chic created the perfect atmosphere within the industrial space for Soho Gallery events in Seville.