Coca-Cola Signature Mixers experience at “Selva Urbana”


Shabby and Chic under the direction of Dnoise Agency, revolutionized, once more, other of its most unique spaces on the occasion of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers presentation, adapting and remodelling the place “Selva Urbana” to create a memorable experience.

Our challenge? To adapt our space “Selva Urbana” to needings of such an important event as the presentation of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers. An urban space, industrial air, amplitude, sustainability and lots of vegetation were the most important aspects that inspired our team for the choice of “Selva Urbana” as the most suitable venue to host the event, fitting perfectly with the product´s presentation.

Our room allowed to host the 280 guests in shifts during the days the event celebration lasted. What inspires us more of our space “Selva Urbana” is the versatility and multiple options that gives when designing events that involve a radical change of the place. The furnitures practicality allows to approach a totally board, bright and clear space that offers a huge range of possibilities in event customization.

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers was born as an alternative of delicate scented Coca-Cola soft-drinks conceived for dark distilled spirits market, with four different choices attended to detail for an unique experience full of flavours. For it, every range of natural ingredients are reinforced, resulting in four sophisticated creations: Herbal, Woody, Spicy and Smoky.

Is that selection of natural ingredients which inspired us adapting the space, gambling with a large amount of shelves full of vegetation and the composition of four themed tables of each product variety for the appetizers reception, these ones were colourful and decorated with natural items that were recently-brought from the woods.

For it, we did a gastronomic proposal with natural and local products, with appetizers inspired in each variety of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers where smoky accents were present as also the spice combinations and the application of characteristic and natural features of every variety in the dishes as well in greenery and so.

Our in-depth knowledge about the place enabled us allocating each area of  “Selva Urbana” to event needings. This way, we positioned the guests reception at the entrance, the central space were intended for each of four products tasting and also for catering. Here, we fiddle with shelves in order to define different areas. By last, the upper room, where took place the first part of the presentation by their creators in a thematic zone with benches and a large screen to enhance the releasing.

After the guests reception and product releasing, the assistants could taste every variety of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers in rotatory degustations through several mixed drinks which strengthened the flavours and natural ingredients used. Then, our guests could enjoy the themed appetizers located in each area. Next to the exit, when the assistants were leaving, we gave them a gift pack which contained one of four variety of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers and the whole information about the product.

As an evidence of the success we invite you to know the experience through some images attached: