Ambar experience in Selva Urbana


The Shabby and Chic team adapt to the needs of every single client, studying and analyzing each situation to offer the space that best suits what is needed. In this case, our team worked hand in hand with AMBAR, the Aragonese beer brand, which introduced its exquisite beer varieties in Seville for about 120 people.

For this occasion, our team selected some of our locations that would fit with this event, being the final enclave for the Urban Forest celebration. The great versatility offered by this space is adapted to the requirements of the event, in addition, its industrial character is fits perfectly with the main product, the beer, giving it an artisanal touch. The modern and urban touch has been achieved with the large number of shelves with vegetation that has allowed the separation of the areas while an interesting decoration, in addition to the walls with abstract graffiti with different colors.

Their adaptability and our knowledge in the design, will develop the zones as the axis of the event. First, you will find yourself at the entrance, which will allow attendees to start tasting the brand’s beers. Next, the stage for the presentation and speeches of AMBAR’s managers was in the patio. Finally, in the area above, there is a blind tasting of the varieties of the brand so that attendees a sensory tasting.

During the whole event, there was no lack of catering. The place have a kitchen and that eased the service of food, and on the other hand, the music livened up the space at all time resulting in a dynamic and funny atmosphere.

With the end of the event, we decided to distribute a gift package of farewell, which had a company’s dossier and certain varieties of AMBAR beers. The success was total and, as proof of that, was the amount of congratulations that AMBAR received after finishing this event.

Gente en el evento
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