Experience at Caravan Space Sevilla – Ron Ritual Reformer party


On this occasion, the team of Shabby and Chic, investigated locations with a pronounced radical and unusual character in Seville capital for our client Naturact.

Ron Ritual expected to organize a unique evening at Caravan Space in Seville. The aim of the event would be living an experience where the guests could feel the mutation of this special venue, where the conventional becomes surprising and unexpected. Discover an unconventional Seville through the party.

The audience was young, active, imaginative and engaged. Throughout many different actions in the inner space, they should perceive the reformer party experience.

Caravan Space is a location for events in Seville, perfect to achieve the mission of this particular party, as it transmits an industrial environment through its containers and projects and indeed a remarkable character due to its situation next to the river. It is a localization that reinforces the idea of ​​transformation and change.

The event counted on several spaces that varied throughout the night. A DJ set, cubic structures hanging from the roof of the containers, a workshop of tatoo, a make -up artist, a Snapchat corner to share the experience in social networks, an exterior chill out area and a selection of food trucks of Seville were the elements that created the framework of the first reformer party. reformer party.

Shabby & Chic, besides offering the location of Caravan Space, collaborated in the selection of final service providers that were part of the event and coordinated through its team different production and set -up areas.

A great job by the Naturact team for their first reformer party in Seville, for which Shabby & Chic was working hard to get the best results at the event.

R is the generation that reinvents, remakes and renews, that recovers the illusion and the thirst for change. R for rum, R for ritual, R for reformer!