Caravan Space Sevilla

Presenting a new, avant-garde location in a central area of Seville, right on the river. The facility clearly stands out among maritime competitors, but its location, near Seville’s historic district, demanded an addition of architectural quality that would create a connection between the port and its urban surroundings.

The structure itself is made of separated “high cube” shipping containers and standard containers placed above the spaces between them, thereby creating staggered heights which break up the space and create a clear and open feeling.

The space offers an area of approximately 400 square meters.

The eastern and western faces of the building are outfitted with windows and skylights which allow the eastern and western winds to easily cross through the space, taking the summer heat with them.

The building’s white color reflects up to 90% of solar rays while its unique ceramic microsphere construction prevents excessive heating.

The exterior volume created engages in an intriguing dialogue with the surroundings. The separated skylights facilitate a view of both riverbanks. Up close, the shipping containers clearly show the nature of their origin. From the other edge, they form a low checkerboard base which doesn’t detract from the regional architecture making up its background.

The finishing touches don’t try to hide the industrial details which characterize the shipping containers, giving the space an undeniable sense of personality and character. Fun fact; the containers are an average of 15 years old and each one has traveled 1.15 million kilometers. That is the equivalent of three trips to the moon and back or 29 laps around the globe.

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