Spaces in Málaga: Boundless and with Shabby magic


Venues in Málaga were waiting for us. A few weeks ago, we packed our bags and arrived in the capital of the Costa del Sol to expand the venues in our catalog. And for this expansion, we chose a setting like Málaga, where beauty, culture, and energy are one.

Living the Moment

The venue is important, but what we experience there matters more. That’s how the magic arises. Turning these locations into experiences that thrill attendees is the challenge we face every day. This was already happening in Seville, and now we are ready to take on new challenges in Málaga.

And this city is much more than sun, beach, and gastronomy. It has evolved and reinvented itself, becoming a top-tier cultural epicenter. Creativity is also in the air, and this is where we come in, giving its venues a fresh touch with every event we celebrate.

Some of Our Venues in Málaga

Among the various venues we have available in Málaga, today we will highlight three that represent some of the moods in our catalog.

  • Industrial venues were once the heart of production and manufacturing. Now, they have undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years and are reborn to host events, giving them a unique touch.
  • Unique venues go beyond the conventional and spark the imagination of those who visit them. They have their own personality and a special atmosphere.
  • Haciendas are more than just buildings. They are symbols of history, tradition, and culture, having witnessed the passage of time. They have housed generations of families and now, attendees who experience magical events. 

Lagar Azul: The Renaissance of the Industrial

Among our industrial venues, we find Lagar Azul, where the perfect blend of modernity and tradition is embodied. Ideal for brand events looking to highlight innovation and authenticity, Lagar Azul is characterized by its large spaces and versatile architecture.

Exposed brick walls, metal beams, and spacious open areas provide a blank canvas that can be customized to meet the needs of any corporate event, from product launches to conferences and exhibitions.

Serre Lumière: Natural Brilliance

Classified as one of our unique venues, Serre Lumière stands out for its contemporary design and bright atmosphere. It is defined by its glass and metal structure, creating a spacious and naturally lit environment. It is perfect for brand events that wish to convey elegance, transparency, and modernity. The structure allows for a unique interaction between the interior and exterior, offering impressive views and an inspiring setting.

La Vidriera: Elegance in Motion

History and modernity come together in La Vidriera, where its large windows create a space filled with light and life.

This place is a tribute to transparency and creativity, offering the perfect setting for events that seek a touch of originality and sophistication. This venue reflects Málaga’s ability to combine art and functionality, creating environments that inspire and surprise.

In short, Málaga and its venues possess an intangible value, and at Shabby, we are ready to give them the touch that makes them unique. If you want to enjoy these venues with us, we are waiting for you.

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