Serre Lumiére


Immerse yourself in an oasis of greenery where tropical lushness meets 19th-century elegance. This stunning iron greenhouse, witness to the high bourgeoisie's fascination with the exotic, is now the perfect setting for your most exclusive corporate events.

Welcome to Serre Lumiére, where history and innovation merge to create unforgettable corporate events!

Imagine your conferences, cocktails, or presentations in a unique environment, surrounded by a collection of exotic species that evoke a passion for botany from times past. With careful restoration incorporating cutting-edge technology, our greenhouse offers a climate-controlled atmosphere and spectacular lighting, creating the ideal backdrop for any occasion.

Its origins date back to earlier times, when the mid-19th-century metallurgical industry experienced great advancement, and a couple of ironmongers decided to build the greenhouse, which was surrounded by species from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, with up to 550 different species being cultivated. The idea of the greenhouse arose to acclimatize these species, as well as for ornamental purposes. The space is now considered a gem where one can escape reality and enjoy balance and nature.

Let yourself be seduced by the winding paths that lead you to discover every corner of this venue, while breathing in the air of a space that has witnessed Málaga’s splendor.

Whether for an inspiring conference, a networking event, or a corporate celebration, Serre Lumiére offers you a unique space where nature and sophistication meet.

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