Villa Biznaga


Casa Palacio colonial a escasos 5 km del centro histórico de Málaga. De inspiración colonial y con una acentuada personalidad mediterránea, Villa Biznaga es ideal para albergar eventos corporativos, privados y exclusivos que quieran sentirse rodeados de un entorno natural en sus exteriores y con plantas exóticas.

Its gardens serve as the epicenter of all activities, offering a selection of elegant and adaptable spaces to meet any corporate event needs. With a blend of color, atmosphere, and architecture, this venue provides everything necessary for your event to shine brightly.

The intimate Salón Hortensia, with a capacity for 40 people in a cocktail format, and the cozy Salón de Cena and Salón Ajardinado, both accommodating 50 people in the same format, offer unique and exclusive atmospheres.

The magic extends beyond its walls into the stunning outdoor spaces. El Cenador, with 260 square meters, is perfect for outdoor events with a capacity of up to 250 people in a cocktail format. Meanwhile, the Garden Terrace, with 400 square meters, provides a spectacular backdrop under the open sky for up to 300 people.

Imagine enjoying sunset dinners among the gardens and waterfalls, as the light of Málaga and the sound of water create a tranquil ambiance. Each corner has a story and culture that add a distinctive touch to every occasion.

With a collection of over 1000 species of tropical and subtropical plants, Villa Biznaga is a true testament to the passion for nature and the art of landscaping, merging nature, history, and sophistication.

Maximum indoor capacity: up to 200 people in a cocktail format.

Maximum outdoor capacity: up to 3000 people in a cocktail format.

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