Terraza El Tentadero


Terraza El Tentadero in Málaga is the ideal place if you are looking to host an outdoor event with a premium touch. It boasts spectacular views that will leave your guests speechless.

Located on the fifth and top floor of a boutique hotel, Terraza El Tentadero offers a space for your event with privileged views of the city center.

Situated on the fifth floor of a boutique hotel, you can hold your event at a height, with a relaxed atmosphere in good company. The terrace has become the trendy spot par excellence where you can fully enjoy the comfort and design of one of Málaga’s most modern and welcoming terraces.

In a cosmopolitan and elegant setting, Terraza El Tentadero invites you to spend unforgettable moments under the Málaga sky, with views of the iconic tower of the Church of San Juan, the “Manquita” (the one-armed lady), or the Montes de Málaga, typical landmarks of Málaga that not all terraces have the privilege to overlook.

The terrace is equipped with everything necessary for your event to unfold just as you imagine: music, projector, microphone, computer, ambient lighting… Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the number of guests, as it has a total capacity of 250 people. However, if you are thinking of organizing a more intimate event, the VIP area is perfect for you. Its capacity for 40 people at tables, or 50 for a cocktail event, makes it the ideal place for private parties, corporate events, press conferences, and product launches.

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