Pixel Space


Pixel Space emerges as a modern and industrial space for corporate events in Southern Europe. With over 1,000 square meters of cutting-edge innovation and technology, it positions itself as one of the most advanced facilities in the region for event organization.

Its tiered seating, evoking an ancient amphitheater, offers an immersive experience where the convergence between digital and physical becomes palpable.

This venue provides a multifaceted stage for a wide variety of corporate events, from networking and after-work gatherings to conferences, concerts, press conferences, and high-caliber presentations. Every detail is carefully designed to provide comfort and top-notch technology.

Imagine the unique experience of hosting your corporate event immersed in the distinctive atmosphere of this space, with its stadium-like tier and a giant 15-square-meter full HD screen. Furthermore, its adaptable lighting allows for the modification of the scenography for the perfect ambiance and professionalism of your event.

With a capacity for up to 100 people indoors, Pixel Space caters to events of any size. In addition to its Arena with a capacity for 70 people, it has rest areas with integrated kitchens for cocktails and coffee breaks, offers a recording studio for audiovisual production, and meeting rooms to provide a complete experience for organizers and attendees. The upper floor, completely open to the tier and giant screen, serves as a multidisciplinary space for holding work meetings or setting up a catering area.

Since its inauguration in June 2021, this emblematic venue has been the epicenter of numerous corporate events in Málaga and Andalusia, establishing itself as a top-tier option for those seeking quality and excellence in their events.

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