Palacio Victoria


Inheriting an illustrious past as a former hospital, Palacio Victoria combines 19th-century charm with Andalusian touches, creating a historic atmosphere that captivates your guests from the moment they step through the door.

Immerse yourself in an environment where elegance and functionality blend seamlessly. The convention halls, with a capacity for up to 500 people, along with 10 independent meeting rooms, offer the latest in audiovisual advancements and abundant natural light, ensuring an optimal setting for your event.

Imagine your professional meetings coming to life in these multifunctional spaces, designed to accommodate any type of event, whether it’s a presentation, a convention, or even a special celebration. With views of lush gardens and two rooms overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, every corner of Palacio Victoria tells a unique story.

The main facade features a prominent central pavilion flanked by two lateral wings that extend one floor higher, creating two elegant square turrets. The lintelled arches over brick pedestal pillars at the front of the pavilion contrast with the semicircular arches at the rear, which frame the staircase leading to the lobby.

Let Palacio Victoria be the perfect backdrop for your corporate events, where the grandeur of the past meets the innovation of the present, creating unforgettable moments that will remain in the memories of all attendees.

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