Café de Flore


In the heart of the city of Málaga, in what used to be an exhibition hall, you'll find Café de Flore, a unique venue for your corporate events.

With ten elegant tables and a cozy terrace, this space combines history and modernity in a unique way, creating an intimate and sophisticated setting for corporate events.

Built in the 19th century on the foundations of a former 15th-century Franciscan monastery, this place has been meticulously remodeled and adapted to become a sophisticated café. What makes it special? Its select atmosphere, perfect for a coffee break, a cocktail, or a relaxed chat with classical music in the background, provides the calm and perfect ambiance for your corporate meetings.

Inspired by the charming cafés of Milan, its design combines golden and black elements that stand out in every corner. From the veined black marble counter to the elegant chairs redesigned by Andreu World that add color to the space, every detail has been carefully selected to offer you a unique experience, including the meticulous lighting.

But it’s not just aesthetic; this space also respects and enhances the original artworks of the building, including renowned paintings and frescoes. Each piece contributes to turning Café de Flore into a work of art itself.

On its terrace, the original brick wall features corten steel structures that match the openings of the windows, which in turn contain an original vertical garden.

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