Santa Ana Space

Edificio Espacio Santa Ana

Santa Ana Space is located in the popular neighbourhood of Triana very closed to the historical city centre of Seville. With its relevant  history, character, typical architecture and most important, its impressive ceramics. This venue is, on top of everything one of the factories where Triana Tiles were made.

In fact, the well known architect Aníbal González, responsable designer of the famous “Plaza de España” decorated the walls of this monument with tiles produced in this factory. Recently, this place was subjected to a complete refurbishment and conditioning in order to become  a location where contemplate the beauty of sevillian pottery at the time that it can hold any type of events.

Its structure and dimensions are perfect for events such as,  product presentations and company services, meetings, conferences, award ceremonies, briefings or boards of directors, etc…

The maximum capacity is 120 people distributed among three areas. Two outdoor patios with capacity up to 70 pax and an indoor meetings room where we can make conferences, workshops or expositions, adapting to several uses for each kind of event.

The exterior zone has a great illumination, ideal to be used along any time of the day, adding a fantastic decoration with its historical kilns of ceramic and its pottery exhibition.

Its History, character, and valued modern and avant garde architecture whilst classical that respect the Triana core, make this venue the perfect place to celebrate any kind of events and presentations with the aim of standing out and guarantee enjoyment of an unique atmosphere.

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Patio Espace Santa Ana
Patio Espace Santa ana
Salón Interior Espacio Santa Ana
Patio Espacio Santa Ana de Noche
Patio Espacio Santa Ana de Noche
Patio Espacio Santa Ana de Noche
Patio Espacio Santa Ana de Noche
Patio Espacio Santa Ana de Noche


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