“Silencio Blanco” by Leandro Cano


In March 2023, we were able to enjoy “Silencio Blanco” by Leandro Cano, with a fashion event held at the Convent of Santa María de los Reyes.

“Silencio Blanco” is Leandro Cano’s prêt-à-couture bridal collection for its presentation in Seville. We had the opportunity to create a comprehensive event at the Convent of Santa María de los Reyes with a staging where the pieces were the central axis of the presentation. This staging was accompanied by a cocktail and music that enlivened the evening and added value to the event.

As collaborators with Leandro Cano for “Silencio Blanco”, we not only immersed ourselves in the creation and management of the event but there was also a creatively important part where an aesthetic was generated that would be the axis for the rest of the pieces that would be part of the event. This aesthetic was worked from darkness and reappropriating elements traditionally Andalusian such as Holy Week or horses.

The Convent of Santa María de los Reyes is composed of different areas that would give us the opportunity to distinguish the different phases of the event: an access front courtyard, a chapel, and a back courtyard. A welcome cocktail took place in the access courtyard, leading into the event and serving as the first point of contact for attendees.

Subsequently, attendees moved to the chapel, where large scaffoldings were erected filling the space and contrasting the traditional with the industrial touch of the scaffolding. Alongside these scaffolds, the dresses from Leandro Cano’s collection were displayed, covered with white fabric, adding mysticism, to be unveiled later.

One of our goals in carrying out the event was to generate an impact both in the press and on social media that would give national exposure to Leandro Cano’s new collection and, in specialised media, international exposure. As it was a new brand, it was essential to generate something very striking that would surprise the attendees and generate content. 

After the presentation performance of the “Silencio Blanco” collection, attendees moved to the back courtyard with its characteristic fountain in the shape of a star formed with tiles, and its white arches that connect with the identity of the collection. There, the cocktail-party took place with music from a band and a DJ.

This second part, held in the convent courtyard, aimed at celebrating and connecting attendees, generating synergies between them and, once again, showcasing Leandro Cano’s work in a relaxed atmosphere with catering service that ensured satisfaction at all times.