Secret Garden House

This 17th century house is located in the middle of Seville’s historic district. This venue is one of very few Sevillian palaces to have maintained its original Andalusian character and personality. The house is made up interconnected rooms, a beautiful walkway, arcade patio with pink marble columns, and a majestic staircase.

The house also features several smaller patios, with and extensive garden which can be accessed through columns done in the same style as the main patio.

Interior: 450 square meters of space, made up of 8 rooms with space to accommodate 50 people each. (These rooms are connected) Features: WiFi, A/C

Exterior: Patio with space to accommodate up to 200 people

This nearly secret venue is highly recommended for any kind of event, thanks to the plethora of possibilities afforded by the adaptable nature of the building and amazing location in the historic district.


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