Private Houses


A historic house-palace designed by architect Jacobo Galí Lassaletta in 1904, this space is a unique example of beauty, with its stunning Bourgeois French style standing in stark contrast to patioed houses traditionally found in Seville.

El Jardín

El Jardín is a fascinating residential estate located just eight kilometers from the historic center of Seville. Inspired by English decoration and with a Mediterranean personality, this new space is ideal for hosting corporate, private and exclusive events as well as for audiovisual productions. Its prominent and nice vegetation makes it a romantic location and with high privacy. Every single corner of El Jardín offers a wide range of possibilities

Casa Algaba

Casa Algaba is a new space in Seville, available for small, unique, events. Publicity events, movie showings, fashion and photography related events could all be put on successfully in this one of a kind venue.

Private houses for events

Venues that you won’t find in the typical event portals. They are spaces that we have found exclusively for our clients, with a good location and the clear purpose of surprising the attendees.