Patio Tejar

Patio Tejar’s highlight is definitely its deep connection to Sevillian tradition. A number of artisan tiles surround the main space, a courtyard that belongs to the old construction: a ceramic factory.

This venue is located in the heart of Triana, a working-class neighborhood whose main trades have been pottery and ceramics for centuries. Hence, the main objective when the space was renovated was to preserve the art of its characteristic tiles, which represent this Seville neighborhood.

Patio Tejar is a unique space renovated to adapt to the needs of every event, but that has also respected the art and tradition of the trade for which it was built, ceramics.

It is a special space for events both exclusive and full of personality. We find interior courtyards that look perfect for gastronomic events, with a capacity up to 100 people and exterior spaces that can be set making guests feel comfortable to enjoy a wonderful evening in Triana.

The main courtyard can fit up to 100 people in cocktail and 60 people in sitting tables. The high white walls are covered with colorful handmade ceramic pieces that create a powerful contrast in at atmosphere both cozy and bold.

The space combines past and tradition from the building roots with a modern and avant-garde aesthetic.

In addition to its courtyards, Patio Tejar has two different floors with three rooms for holding small gastronomic meetings such as lunch, dinner or tastings. These private rooms have capacity for 6, 8 and 10 people. The culinary offer here is based on local product and traditional recipes from the city of Seville. This venue also has rooms that allow indoor meetings. 


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