Oriundo, a special corner in the heart of Seville where history and culture meet.

Discover a special corner in the heart of Seville, a historic house that has opened its doors to become a meeting space for both cultural events and professional meetings. This ancient building challenges the boundaries between public and private, merging the interior with the exterior by opening its patios and doors to the community.

Designed by architect José Espiau, this Sevillian regionalist structure evokes an idealized nostalgia for the past. Oriundo space, with a ground floor of 170 square meters, offers a tour that allows visitors to explore the construction processes and history of the building, revealing the essence of its materials and systems. You can even see traces of old plots of land, including the layout of the historic medieval city and the foundations of a primitive tobacco factory.

This space is perfect for a wide variety of events, from cultural activities, talks and screenings to live music, catering and showcooking, all in the heart of Seville.

Oriundo becomes the place where history and culture meet to enrich our lives and experiences.

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