Museo Iberoamericano de Sevilla

The Ibero-American Museum of Seville is the perfect space for celebrations and events thanks to its perfect layout. Every room offers a vast array of possibilities which make each one unique. Combined, the options increase exponentially and that is when the building turns into a real venue.


Entering through a beautiful gate we find the Patio Principal, a space dominated by the grand orange tree lined entryway leading to the building.

The stone floor, the white limestone walls, the arches, and the prominent lattice work give the patio a singular beauty, making it the protagonist of receptions, aperitifs, and sometimes the entire event.

A layout with tables for entertainment, catering, and information, converts this pace into the perfect venue for a cocktail or welcome party enjoying Seville’s beautiful weather.


Crossing the Patio Principal we arrive at the white room. The Entryway gives us but a hint of what we find inside; an impressive space with high ceilings wrapped in arches dripping with original beauty.

As the name indicates, this room is finished with a bright white color, traditional and quite characteristic of Andalusia. This is the space where we find the majority of the carriage collection housed within the museum.

The white room has enough space to unveil new products like cars, fashion collections, or technology.

Thanks to its high ceilings and impressive size, this space becomes an amazing space when it comes time to host an indoor cocktail party or reception.


Directly connected to the white room, the vermilion room is a rectangular space filled with straight lines and finishing touches perfectly suited to be personalized for each event.

Its placement and layout are as useful for meetings, presentations, and conferences as they are for galas, cocktail parties, and business luncheons.


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