La Margen, Industrial Venue

La Margen is a warehouse located in the port area of Seville. With an area of 1100 m² and with ability to host corporate events for 500 people, it is an open space with high strategic interest because of its location in the center of the city and its proximity to the port activity. La Margen is an ideal location for non-conventional and innovative events.

It is a building of the prestigious architect of regionalist style Aníbal González that has its own identity and an important heritage value.

Open plan warehouse that has a main entrance, a central space and two sides fully customizable for any corporate event. It keeps the covered area and the terminal port area intact, giving the space an urban and industrial expression that make it a unique location for presentations of products, exhibitions, gala dinners or any other type of corporate events.

It has an easy access due to its proximity to the main streets of the city and comfortable parking a few meters from the venue.

Su interior se caracteriza por la versatilidad y permite cualquier elemento de decoración o adaptación de todo tipo de producciones. El espacio disfruta de luz natural gracias a las cristaleras de su cubierta y ventanales.

Its interior distinguishes itself by versatility and allows any element of decoration or adaptation of all types of productions. The space enjoys of natural light from roof and big windows.


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