Foodie Place

We present a new space located in the center of Seville, its location is ideal for groundbreaking and innovate events. Its details are taken care of the millimeter and one breathes perfection within this venue, and outstanding combination for a successful event. 

Foodie Place is a space located in the heart of the Arenal neighborhood, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seville. In addition, it is located in a building near the Maestranza and has a 1947 regionalist architecture. Its easy access and nearby parking make it a comfortable space for any type of event. 

Thanks to its magnificent location and infinite more details, this venue becomes exclusive and special. The space adapts to the needs of each evento, playing with the furniture and the sliding window. Fuses rustic and modern touches that together work perfectly. 

Foodie Place is a space of 350 m2 that thanks to its large window allows the location to be separated into two environments. In its exquisite decoration wood predominates, this added to the perfect and delicate lighting in warm tones make the guest feel at home. It is an ideal space for product presentation events, business meetings and any type of corporate event. In addition, this Seville location has three kitchen islands equipped to the forefront and integrated into the space perfect for gastronomic events. 

In short, it is a space that turns the event into an authentic experience for the five senses. 


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