Taller El Cenachero


Immerse yourself in history and maritime craftsmanship at the workshop, a unique place where the charm of the past blends with contemporary elegance to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience for your corporate events.

Here, in this century-old corner of the Mediterranean Shipbuilding, you will find the perfect setting to inspire your team, impress your clients, or celebrate your business achievements in an industrial-style environment.

From the restoration of classic boats to the creation of historical replicas, Taller El Cenachero offers a unique backdrop that will make your events stand out. Imagine product presentations among majestic ships or gala dinners under the stars, all surrounded by the authentic atmosphere of our maritime heritage.

But Taller El Cenachero goes beyond being just a workplace. With guided tours featuring ethnographic content, cultural experiences, and the possibility to become part of the cultural association and volunteer work, your events will become unforgettable experiences that will inspire all attendees.

For decades, the workshop has been a bastion of maritime tradition in the seaside neighborhood of Pedregalejo, and as part of Spain’s Historical Heritage, it is a guardian of an invaluable legacy. With a historic location and an unwavering commitment to preserving our heritage, the shipyard is more than just a space for corporate events, it is a journey through time where your business dreams come true.

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