Sala Antiquarium

Created upon the construction of the Seville Metropol Parasol structure, the Antiquarium is a 4,500 square meter underground space featuring 1st century fish salting factory, various Roman villas from the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th centuries, a 4th century Visigothic house, and an 8th century Islamic house.

The museum is enclosed by 1,100 square meters of glass which encircles the entire space and suspends walls and lamps which, when joined with the other elements of the space, help to recreate the sensations and atmosphere within the spaces in which our ancestors lived.

The primary point of access to the Antiquarium site is through a glass floor, through which the ruins extending into the grand hall can be seen. This path is made up of 400 square meters of walkways placed throughout the museum space.

The Antiquarium hall is a 700 square meter multiuse space with optional complementary or independent access to the archeological area. The hall can accommodate any type of event, presentation, reception… it’s outfitted with the latest audiovisual technology, independent restrooms, designer furniture, and projection screens.

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