Palazzo Palladio


Discover a unique space where elegance and history intertwine to create an unparalleled setting: Palazzo Palladio. This 19th-century neoclassical palace, with its distinctive H-shaped floor plan and iconic chapel, embodies the beauty of romantic classicism.

Surrounded by lush landscaped gardens, this historic site, which changed hands in the 18th century and has undergone modifications in its extent and boundaries over the years, has been meticulously restored to offer an exclusive environment for corporate events.

The chapel stands out as the crowning jewel among the various rooms and dependencies, representing the finest example of a singular chapel within a villa or urban mansion. With its octagonal floor plan, double height, classical elevation, choir, and elliptical vault, its prominence is enhanced by its strategic location within the house’s layout, with two entrances from the interior and a third from the rear façade. This chapel also connects the various interior halls that host a wide range of corporate events.

Surrounding the palace is one of the most outstanding examples of landscaped gardens in Spain. Not only because of its rich variety of subtropical flora, which includes more than 250 botanical species, but also due to its abundant furnishings and recreational spaces, such as pergolas, benches, ponds, pools, bridges, statues, fountains, and gazebos.

At Palazzo Palladio, every corner tells a story of luxury and sophistication. From its spacious halls to its terraces with panoramic views, each area is designed to create unforgettable moments, whether at a corporate meeting, a gala dinner, or a product presentation. With a maximum capacity of 2,500 people between outdoor and indoor spaces, the palace offers the flexibility necessary to accommodate any type of event.

Located just 10 minutes from the heart of Málaga, Palazzo Palladio, where elegance and excellence converge in a unique setting, is easily accessible and provides you with the opportunity to explore the historical treasures of the region and travel back in time.

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