Gold Workshop

The Gold Workshop is an industrial space in the centre of Seville, providing ideal facilities for hosting events and presentations for up to 100 guests. This 19th-century building, the oldest workshop in Seville that is currently in use, is home to a team of craftsmen and women who are breathing new life into Andalusian goldwork, a trade that traces back over 1,000 years. A truly unique space in which art is in complete harmony with its industrial surroundings.

The space is divided into three warehouses: one which is home to the workshops of the craftsmen and women who continue to ply their trade here; a central warehouse with industrial metal details and topped with a gable roof and skylight, designed to hold events, presentations and dinners; and the third, separated from the others by large windows that blend in seamlessly to the building, suitable for small presentations and featuring an exhibition wall displaying some of the work created in the workshop.

With room for up to 100 people, the art and evocative lighting in unique industrial surroundings are sure to create an unforgettable gathering for your guests.

They can also take in a guided visit, where the artisans themselves offer the chance to learn more about their work, giving them a first-hand look at the process of creating the delicate and beautiful pieces that are brought to life here at the Gold Workshop, Seville’s most iconic atelier.

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