Cortijo Gerena

Located just 15 minutes outside of the city, Gerena Farmhouse is a country property with livestock and 3,000 hectares of land dedicated to the breeding of purebred Spanish horses as well as dairy and beef cattle among other activities. The compound was originally built as a Hieronymite monastery in the 17th century and has since been respectfully and dutifully restored.

The estate is the best example of rural architecture that has not been changed for the sole purpose of hosting events. The property still maintains some of its agricultural functionality which makes it an authentic space wherein the client will have a completely unique experience. The space reserved for events is made up of the patio, garden, and the cellar. Located far from the typical tourist traps, this estate boasts a special charm as it allows clients to escape and become immersed in the wealth of sensations to be found in rural Andalusia.

This estate has a storied past; it was once an Arabic settlement. After the Christian conquest, it became known by its current name and served until a few decades ago, as the center of a township that came to house almost 100 inhabitants.

This space is ideal for events that require a pure and authentic atmosphere. The venue can be decorated in a traditional Andalusian style, recreating the April Feria within the space; or the opposite can be done, staging the cellar as a lounge. The versatility of this venue comes from its architectural simplicity, its stunning white color, and the majesty of the building itself.

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