Casa Palacio Barbero de Sevilla

Located in Seville’s historic district, this venue can host any event in any season thanks in large part to a system which allows the outdoor terraces to be closed off and protected from the elements.

Barbero Mansion Seville offers the exclusivity of completely unique architecture, with its 16th century design. The mansion is arranged around a classical covered patio with an adjoining room fit to accommodate up to 40 people and a second open air patio featuring a 2nd century roman mosaic. Depending on the number of guests, the space can be adjusted by opening up or closing off different parts. Conserving the original trademark features of a lordly mansion, this estate is among the most artistic in Seville.

This centrally located venue is ideal for galas or cocktail parties as well as product launches and themed parties. With easy access to central hotels, this space is often also used as a meeting point for groups before starting another activity or as a space to organize a welcoming party. By taking advantage of the balconies located on the upper floor, we could surprise guests with a musical performance, or control the temperature of the outdoor space and encourage guests to sit and chat over a glass of wine and really enjoy a spectacular Sevillian soiree.

Maximum Capacity:

Central Patio: 170 people cocktail style or 150 people banquet style

Mosaic Patio: 100 people cocktail style

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