Casa Limonero


Strategically located between the mountains surrounding Málaga to the north and the imposing bay to the south, Casa Limonero stands out as a visual and geographical landmark. Its expansive gardens and elevated position offer an unparalleled view of the sea, creating a serene and exclusive atmosphere for your corporate events.

Casa Limonero is an architectural gem located in the exclusive residential neighborhood of El Limonar in Málaga, perfect for corporate events. This iconic mansion, built in the 20th century for an influential Málaga family, retains the refined style characteristic of the early-century high society, exuding elegance and sophistication in every corner. Its versatile interiors are perfectly complemented by lush gardens that stretch across the hillside, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean and sharing their habitat with majestic peacocks. This natural setting is the ideal backdrop for large-scale events seeking a unique and spacious environment.

The meticulously restored main building preserves the grandeur and charm of its era, featuring an eclectic historicist style. With a variety of halls and outdoor spaces, the mansion provides exceptional versatility for conferences, courses, technical sessions, and any type of corporate event.

The recently renovated auditorium, equipped with state-of-the-art projection technology, is the heart of the building, providing a cozy and functional environment for conferences and presentations. Additionally, the training rooms, furnished with versatile furniture and separated by acoustic panels, are ideal for practical workshops and group activities. The garden areas can accommodate up to 500 guests.
Immerse yourself in the history and prestige of Casa Limonero and transform your corporate events into an unforgettable experience in a unique and distinguished setting.

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