Casa de la Contratación en Sevilla

This Sevillian palace is located in the heart of the city and offers a unique space for events which unites modern installations, artistic beauty, and the original architecture featured in this magnificent building.

The building is composed of three floors, the two lowest floors make up the “noble area.” This area houses a fully equipped event hall, central patio, and several multiuse rooms. The second floor also has several rooms decorated in a more luxurious style for use in business meetings and luncheons. Lastly, the top floor is a rooftop terrace perfect for a light recess or cocktail houror simlply to spread out and enjoy this venue’s amazing views.

The house dates back to the 18th century and was originally built as a family home. It’s french style design has been duesly preserved and respected by the Vázquez Parladé family who have maintained ownership over the years. This space is perfect for business meetings, product launches, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, etc. for which the client can choose between a function hall or a meeting room; as well as a room for a light snack and recess after the event. This space’s technical features and quality design and interior make it the perfect place for a client with discerning tastes.

Maximum Capacity:

Function Hall – 78 people

Multiuse Room – 36 people theater style ǀ25 people seminar styleǀ20 people banquet styleǀ50 people cocktail style

Central Patio – 100 people cocktail style.

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