Casa Cano


Welcome to Casa Cano, a unique space in Málaga, strategically located in the exclusive area of El Limonar and nestled among its mountains. More than just a café, it's a modernist and intimate oasis where industrial touches merge with nature to offer that distinctive flair to your corporate events.

Let yourself be enveloped by its warm and inviting atmosphere, where modern and elegant decor invites you to relax and enjoy every moment of your visit. From squirrels scampering through the garden to peacocks displaying their plumage, every corner is imbued with charm and nature.

Its interior space is a blend of industrial and modernist charm, with a circular design that creates a cozy and dynamic environment. A large central bar and table seamlessly connect with the outdoor environment through a glass window, allowing natural light and vegetation to harmoniously integrate into the space.

But the highlight is its spacious stone terrace with panoramic views of the majestic mountains of Málaga. This outdoor space is the perfect setting for corporate events, offering an inspiring and relaxed atmosphere for meetings, presentations, team-building activities, cocktails, coffee breaks, and any other type of corporate event you can imagine.

At Casa Cano, it’s all about a versatile space for corporate events, adaptable to the needs of each specific event.

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