Barreduela de la Cruz

Shabby and Chic offers venue finding services to help with the search for public spaces for use in filming and photography shoots, as well as corporate publicity and private events. De la Cruz Lane starts off close to the Cathedral of Seville and through a few turns, ends in a quaint plaza.

This long and winding road runs underneath an elevated walkway which connects the houses on either side of the lane. The plaza is a quiet space with four typical Sevillian orange trees and a 16th century transept from the hospital of Saint Lazarus, where it was placed as a place of worship in the early 20thcentury. There are only two or three doors into this area.

In addition to being a public space, this venue can be reserved and made private for use in photo or movie shoots, publicity events or commercials, or even private events like a sensory experience under blooming April orange trees or a catered event featuring a sampling of Sevillian Aljarafe wine. The arrival could be carried out in horse drawn carriages, whereupon guests would find a nice glass of cava or sherry waiting for them.

This public space must be managed for private use. Shabby and Chic negotiates the necessary permits for use for filming and/or events.

Si te interesa este espacio escríbenos para conocer la disponibilidad.

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If you are interested in this space, write to us to find out availability.

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