Edelvives, Take your 3


In April 2023, we had the pleasure to host Take your 3, the educational innovation event organised by Edelvives Publishing in Malaga.

This event, held in one of the halls of the Malaga Automobile Museum, consisted of a debate bringing together protagonists from the educational field and professionals from the technology and innovation sectors, driven by Edelvives Publishing. 

Chairs and screens were arranged in a circle in the Malaga Automobile Museum to allow attendees to discuss the challenges that the education sector must face to realise its transformative capacity and the assistance that can be provided through technology and innovation.

The dynamic was as follows: a conversation topic such as “Diversity in learning methodologies” was proposed, and in turns of 3 minutes each person, ideas on the topic were presented, resulting in a debate. A welcome cocktail took place in the access courtyard, leading into the event and serving as the first point of contact for attendees.

While the speakers talked, an illustrator created a conceptual map with drawings of all the conclusions drawn live, which was projected onto a large screen. This way, all the ideas from this “Take your 3” session were put on paper.

After opening more debates such as “Innovation: new times, new needs, new tools”, a section for questions and doubts was opened which ended with an afternoon cocktail for attendees in the same hall of the Malaga Automobile Museum where the event took place.

Shabby&Chic was responsible for taking charge of the perfect space for such an important educational event, as well as catering for attendees and the production of the backdrop where the conceptual map was projected by the illustrator. Additionally, to give a representative touch of the space, cars were left in the debate hall!