Casa Algaba

Casa Algaba is a new space in Seville, available for small, unique, events. Publicity events, movie showings, fashion and photography related events could all be put on successfully in this one of a kind venue.

Casa Algaba is located just 10 short minutes from the center of Seville. The venue is composed of patios, apartments, and the house, or “casa,” itself which together make this space unlike any other in the city. The décor is a fundamental part of the house, combining different styles, art, and furniture which is transformed and recycled to achieve an authentically vintage style. The complex offers two patios, a 200 square meter flat in the lower floor, and two loft apartments 80 and 120 square meters in size. On the outside of the Casa, we find a small store selling ceramic flowerpots and iron furniture forged by the decorator, Jesús Gómez. Casa Algaba has been featured in various home international décor and fashion magazines. (AD Magazine)


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