Atlantis Auditorium

Atlantis Auditorium is a new venue in Seville, highlighted by its audiovisual technology. It is outstandingly located in the Guadalquivir river side, only 5-minutes walk from the old quarter of Seville and Maria Luisa Park. It is easily accessible on foot and by public transport. There is also a parking garage just nearby.

The great appeal of this venue is its auditorium. Its capacity is up to 256 seats, with 4 LED screens and a 11x7m central one with mapping technology, as well as internet access and an advanced audio system. Behind the main screen there is a unique rear: a transparent glass wall that allows the attendees to see a submerged Amazon forest.

Atlantis Auditorium is the first venue in Seville to become an immersive and multisensorial space for unique events: face-to-face, digital or hybrids. Atlantis Auditorium allows you to enjoy a 360º visual and sound experience.

Its audiovisual tools also make it possible to use the space as a television set to record virtual events destined to be projected through streaming technology. At the same time it counts on seats and facilities for attendees, generating hybrid events: face-to-face events with limited capacity that are also live streamed with the highest quality system.


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